Replacing Your Old Washing Machine? Consider These Aspects!

Replacing Your Old Washing Machine? Consider These Aspects!

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Talk about the most used appliances in a modern household, and most homeowners will name the microwave, refrigerator and washing machine. After years of use, even the best appliances must be replaced, and your washing machine is no different. If you are looking for laveuses, here are some of things to consider.

Do you need a bigger machine now?

Probably you started with a small washing machine some years back, but with a bigger family, you may need a better product. For a home of about four people, a 6.5-7 Kg machine can be enough, depending on the load for each cycle.  Consider how frequently you wash your clothes, as well. For example, if you wash your clothes once in four days or a week, you would need a bigger machine.

What’s your choice of brand?

Appliances like washing machines aren’t replaced every year, so you have to select a product that will last for at least 8 to 10 years. For that, the right choice of brand is important. International brands, like LG, Whirlpool, Amana, Haier, and Danby, are known for offering quality products, and typically, you will have no issues in getting replacement parts and repairs, depending on your location. Evaluate the warranty on the product before you buy a model.

Where to buy?

Gone are days when your local electronics store was the only go-to place for buying appliances. Online retailers are better, because they offer cheaper prices, thanks to limited overhead expenses. Warranties and other aspects are not compromised, and you will find more choices and brands for your requirements. We recommend that you set a budget to shortlist the choices better.

The battle between semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines

A semi-automatic washing machine is easy to operate. You can choose to intervene in the washing cycle as required, and these models don’t consume a lot of power, which helps in increasing the savings. On the flip side, this might not be the ideal choice for a busy homeowner, and since there are different compartments for washing and drying, the size is bigger. With fully-automatic machines, you may have to pay a tad higher price, but most of the concerns are done away with. However, if you are going with this option, make sure that you select a known and well-rated model, which is effective for cleaning all kinds of clothes.

Check the features, energy-star rating and other aspects to make a choice.

Lynn Cox

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