What kind of jewelry will complement your kurti for a traditional event?

What kind of jewelry will complement your kurti for a traditional event?

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Kurtis does a splendid job of giving you an ethnic traditional look while some are maintaining the western touch to it. Kurtis styles come for every occasion, be it a casual outing, a formal event, or wedding; there is a kurti style in the market there to give you a look you’re looking for. You can browse and buy some of the finest in various varieties of kurti , perfect for every occasion available in the color at many places.

Finding the right kind of jewelry to go with your kurti is just as important as choosing the kurti design and color. Not every jewelry goes with every kurti out there of any color. You need to be cautious, lest being willing to look out of place. To get the best styles and kinds visit- https://www.gofynd.com/women/ethnic-wear/kurta-kurtis-anarkalis/kurtis.

What kind of jewelry will complement your kurti for a traditional event?

Here are a few points that might help:


The anklet or the “payal” is traditional Indian jewelry. The anklet is worn by kids and old women alike. The Payal goes well with tradition kurtis such as the trail cut kurti paired with leggings. Keeping mind that a dark color legging makes the anklet seem in place.


Bangles are worn on the arm by Indian women of all ages, castes, and religion. Heavy bangles are usually worn in traditional events. These go well with traditional kurtis. Depending on the style, some kurtis go well with contrasting bangles, whereas others go better with consistent colors.


Earrings are worn by men and women, with different styles for each. In traditional events, however, the earrings worn by women are heavier and usually made of gold, platinum or silver, sometimes paired with a gemstone.

Earrings come in different shapes and sizes, each complementing a different kurti style and color. Depending on the gemstone and material, jewelry goes well in contrasting colors or alike ones.

Finger Rings

Finger rings go well in with every outfit and are worn by men and women both. However, in traditional occasions, gold finger rings go best on women. Paired with a tradition kurti of the right color and style, they give a splendid traditional look perfect for the event.


A very integral part of the Indian culture and society, the mangalsutra signifies a married woman, especially in Hindu weddings. Worn exclusively by women, these jewelry come in different styles and colors, studded with a variety of gemstones. However, gold mangalsutras have been in the tradition for long and for a traditional event, it is advisable to wear one of those, combined with a Gown style kurti, these give you a gorgeous royal look.


One of the most elegant pieces of jewelry, the necklace, holds a lot of sentimental value in the Indian society. Necklaces come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. There are plenty of necklace designs out there. However, a heavy gold necklace goes well with Gown style kurtis. For a more lighter look, a slit or tail cut kurti goes well with lighter jewelry, both gold, and silver alike.

Waistband Jewelry

Perhaps one of the most delicate and beautiful pieces of Indian jewelry, resting delicately just below the waistline. The waistband is usually worn in fairly traditional events, hold a certain significance. Waistbands go particularly well with Gown Style kurtis giving a very beautiful royal look and feel.

Armlet Jewelry

Armlets have become fairly trending these days among, but in the earlier days, they were worn by both men and women aiming to look beautiful. These are won in traditional events, laced with a Gown kurti give you a splendid look. They are won with half sleeved or sleeveless kurtis.

The Indian society holds a certain emotional sentiment with jewelry especially gold ones. Traditional events are incomplete without jewelry. The right Kurti style and color with the proper jewelry give you a splendid look and feel, making you stand out.

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