Step Ladders: Lyte 6 Tread Medium-Duty Industrial Alloy Platform Steps Review

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There’s most likely not really a certainly one of us who has not used one step ladder once in a while. Whether you are a specialist, builder, tradesman, retailer or homeowner, one step ladder is very indispensable for a multitude of tasks, from hanging pictures to painting walls. It is important, though, to make use of this type of ladder securely. For instance, although various kinds of step ladders possess a platform, you won’t ever should make an effort to get up on it. Also, never get up on the top or second in the top step of this kind of ladder. If you are looking for one step ladder, here’s some good info about one from Lyte: the 6 tread medium-duty industrial alloy platform steps.

Concerning the Lyte 6 Tread Medium-Duty Industrial Alloy Platform Ladder

It is really an extremely sturdy Class 1 aluminium ladder that’s created for general industrial use, meaning it should withstand heavy usage. This Lyte ladder fully conforms towards the BS2037 Class 1 standard for step ladders. Additionally, it’s also certified to EN131, the European standard for trade and industrial ladders. Among the features which make this ladder safe and stable may be the deep, comfortable treads which are double riveted for added security. The ladder also offers durable locking side stays that make sure the ladder stays locked when on view position. An essential feature of the steps is it is powerful and rigid when deployed. This ladder has tubular back legs that lead to both its strength and rigidity.


The woking platform is made of strong, light and sturdy aluminium chequer plate. The ladder also offers anti slip rubber ft for additional stability. The handrail is situated in an extra high position, therefore the user is going to be safe when climbing around the upper treads. For further safety, you might want to consider fitting the ladder with dual handrails and rear wheels to facilitate moving for any small extra charge. To maneuver the ladder, just tilt it backwards to interact the wheels.

A Couple of Specifications

The woking platform height is 1.26 metres (50 inches). The general height from the ladder, when open, is 1.91 metres (6′ 3″). When closed, the ladder is 2.07 metres lengthy (6′ 10″). They weigh just 6 kg (13.2 lb), because of its industrial alloy construction. This ladder has a duty rating of 130 kg (20.5 st) and it has an optimum load rating of 175 kg (27.5 st). A ladder’s duty rating may be the finest static load it may support. Based on, is “any pressure applied continuously without moving an item is recognized as a static load. The understanding of methods much loading a structure are designed for is helpful for setting safety margins for that structure.” Count on paying about £75.00 with this ladder. The cost will include VAT and totally free.

When looking for step ladders, the Lyte 6 tread medium-duty industrial alloy platform steps may be worth serious consideration.

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